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Laughter Yoga Certification

March 28, 2020


Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th, 2020, Saturday 11:00am to 5pm Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm. Lunch is included.


Program Description:

Madan Kataria, MD, started the first laughter club in India in 1995. Through his research, Dr. Kataria discovered that the mind does not know how to differentiate between fake and genuine laughter—either way it produces a happy chemistry. The Laughter Yoga technique blends yogic deep breathing, stretching, simulated laughter exercises and cultivated child-like playfulness without humor or jokes.

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training teaches the physiology of laughter and its many health benefits, how to start and run laughter yoga groups, special techniques for diverse populations, how to use and teach laughter as a coping skill and life skill and the structure, norms, contra-indications and logistics of a laughter yoga club. How to begin a Laughter Yoga business and begin teaching in certain settings.

After completing training you will be able to:

  • Discuss the health benefits of laughter yoga

  • Apply techniques that create positive behavioral change in people, organizations and communities

  • Incorporate Laughter Yoga techniques and principles in your life and work

  • Facilitate Laughter Yoga sessions with groups

  • Effectively lead over 40 different Laughter Yoga exercises

  • Lead laughter meditations, grounding techniques and Pranayama yoga breathing

  • Know how to overcome obstacles during laughter sessions

  • Start a Laughter Yoga business and make income

  • Run a successful Laughter Yoga club and market yourself

  • Know how to offer venue specific Laughter Yoga sessions

  • Be prepared to lead Laughter Yoga classes, clubs, workshops, and seminars

Who Should Attend:


This training enriches health and fitness teachers, management/human resource professionals, medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, eldercare workers, life coaches, entertainment professionals, alternative therapists and healers, complementary therapists and anyone wanting to add more laughter to their lives and the lives of others.

Objectives: As a participant, you will be able to:

  • Understand the scientific research, physical, mental and emotional benefits of happiness, laughter and Laughter Yoga.

  • Understand how to use and teach simple exercises and techniques (including deep breathing, meditation, visualization, relaxation, playful activities) to increase joy and health and decrease stress.

  • Organize and lead laughter programs for individuals and diverse groups including healthcare staff and patients, seniors, children and corporations.


Registration Fee: 397.00. You will receive a printed manual and lunch and snacks are provided on both days for your convenience. Saturday there will be one public Gentle Yoga Class at 10am included with your training.

Refund Policy: Full refund if the event is cancelled or rescheduled by me. If you cancel within 5 days of the event, full refund minus transaction fees.



Your Laughter Yoga Teacher:

Brittney Hiller CLYT, ERYT200, LMT 

Author of The Little Laughing Yogini

Founder of Effervescence YogaSpa

*The joyful one in the back on the picture* 

Brittney has been enjoying natural laughter her entire life; in 2010 she took it one step farther and became a Laughter Yoga Teacher.  Since then she has shared laughter yoga with thousands of people. She has graced the stage at many Health and Holistic conventions, Empowerment summits, retreats, workshops and more sharing her Laughing From The Heart: Laughter Yoga Experience.

She is delighted to share her knowledge of Laughter Yoga with you and is excited to help you expand your horizons utilizing Laughter Yoga. 


Contact us with any questions you may have:

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Meditation

April 09, 2020

Enjoy an evening of sound and vibrations!

Begin your journey to achieving inner peace with our Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Meditation class led by Sound Journey Instructor, Kaitlyn.

In this workshop, you will begin your journey with a guided grounding meditation as you lay on your back fully supported by blankets, bolsters, and any other props you want. Then healing tones take over as you listen to the soothing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, and various highly resonant instruments.

Kaitlyn started her sound therapy practice in the spring of 2016 after receiving her advanced training certificate through Atma Buti sound and vibrational school. She feels that once she became more open to the Universe, her heart became flooded with a longing to learn, teach, heal, and experience life and its lessons.


Kaitlyn's path is continuous, ebbing, and flowing. She continues her journey of deepening herself in her studies and helping to empower others through her teaching. Kaitlyn is also a licensed Massage Therapist, Access Bars Practitioner, and an Energy Healer through Emei Qigong, and Reiki.

Thursday, April 9th: 7pm

Investment: $25 

Pay at the door: $30

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