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Image by Toa Heftiba

Integrated Massage

Our highly requested, most experienced therapists use a combination of modalities ranging from gentle to firm pressure, paying close attention to areas requiring extra care or concentration.

30 minutes - $70

60 minutes - $119

90 minutes - $169

Image by Miguel Bruna

Embodied Experience

Coaching, Massage, & Visualization Technique Methods rolled into one service to assist you in becoming clear on what you will manifest into your life. Clients have used this experience to become clear on relationships and more.

Session: $297



Add On to your Spa service. 

Enjoy 10 minutes in the Luxury Lounge, a glass of cucumber infused water or a tea of your choice and a comfy robe. 

Add On: $30

Image by Jonathan Borba

Prenatal Massage

 A specially designed table setting to create comfort in a side-lying position to enhance comfort and support for expectant mothers. Prenatal massages may be performed in any trimester. Ask about Induction Point Therapy. 

30 minutes - $70

60 minutes - $119

90 minutes - $169

Image by Katherine Hanlon


 A gentle touch therapy that is utilized along the body to promote relaxation and a sense of calm.

Session: $70


Thai Massage

 A clothed movement therapy that  actively stretches the body to promote relaxation and a sense of calm. 90 Minute Session.

Session: $297

Image by Brittany Neale

Raindrop Therapy

Utilizing YoungLiving Essential Oils, Raindrop Therapy incorporates each oil in a dedicated application to the spine and feet.  Once received clients experience pain relief and relaxation. 

Session: $130

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