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Carve Your Way To Your Magnificent Life.

Effervescence Elite will guide you to magnificent living through expert advice on tips to build an empowered, healthy, and happier life.

Allowing you to continue this lifestyle for many years to come.

Having a life of health and happiness, doesn't have to be difficult.


Inside Effervescence Elite we offer you the opportunity to learn from our unique panel of experts!

Each month you will receive a new lesson on how to create ease, healthy living, and joy in your life.

The choice is yours.


If you desire happiness, ease, and wellness knowledge:


Then gift yourself with access to our community of Elite Victresses and experience the change that other's are having right now.

Your Vivacious Victress

Hey Friend!

I'm Brittney Hiller and I created Effervescence Elite to help you enjoy the benefits of healthy, happy living.

WARNING: Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Healthy Weight

Joyous Laughter


Receiving Desires

Obtaining & Keeping Goals

With that said, I look forward to being your Vivacious Victress of joyful living.  Our community offers you educational advice on all things from meditation to decluttering your life.  Each quarter we will have a challenge to boost your mindset and keep you actively receiving all that you desire.

NOTE: This fabulous opportunity is NOT for you if:

  • You DO NOT desire happiness

  • You DO NOT want to receive your desires with ease

  • You DO NOT enjoy learning new things

  • You are NOT willing to step away from old habits


My team and I are dedicated to assisting you on this journey, therefore we imagine you are equally as dedicated to your new, fabulous life!

Victress Panel

Kelsey Spooner

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

An empowerment mentor who helps women of all ages learn, with intentional positivity, how to step into who they truly are and are meant to be, WITHOUT any apologies. She teaches her clients how to do this by generating more confidence & authenticity in their lives, in addition to learning to love themselves & and appreciate their vulnerabilities.

Mariah Robinson

Certified KonMari Consultant and Yoga Teacher, Mariah teaches students the life changing magic of tidying up to make space for their highest potential. By creating a clear and authentic foundation, students embrace the present by putting their past and future in order.

Erin Aultman

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

A financial transformation specialist who partners with women to transform their money mindset and help them create a love affair with money that will make anyone jealous!

Erin has a Masters of Science in Accountancy and has studied money mindset, as it relates to us individually and in our businesses, and the taxes that we pay, for over a decade.

Denie Neal

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

A multi-discipline Energy and Light worker, Certified Crystal Master, and a Mindset & Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She is also a co-partner in Vibrations School of the Awakened Minds International online school.

Jennifer Robinson

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

A powerful wellness coach who specializes in empowering women and girls through peaceful living. She uses mindfulness, positive thinking, and self-nurture to guide her clients to living peaceful, empowered lives.

Megan Howe

  • Instagram - Grey Circle

An ever-evolving student, an insightful writer, and gifted teacher. As a yoga instructor and mother of three vivacious children, she keeps a steady meditation practice and works diligently to create change in the world.

Ashley Hagen

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

She began practicing yoga in 2010 to help her improve her performance as a college athlete. In 2013, she received her 200-hr yoga teacher certification and began teaching vinyasa yoga. Her classes are fun, yet challenging with focus on finding the yogi warrior within.

Jess Hoffman

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

Business & Personal Development Coach. She is dedicated to helping others REdefine their life the way they want to live it! Jess takes her clients through a process where she helps them learn how to honor their story, reconnect with their convictions & speak their truths, and helps rebuild their confidence through visualizations, affirmations, and declarations.

Jennifer Phillips

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

Certified Holistic Health and Empowerment Coach who specializes in helping others to reach their goals through nutrition. She teaches people how to gently shift their mindset to establish new habits and redesign their relationship with food, all while looking beyond their plate at the important ingredients that contribute to a nutritious and soulfully delicious life.

After experiencing the power of rebuilding her own life from the ground up, Jennifer is now devoted to helping others thrive while discovering what lights them up in the world.

Rogene Brick

  • Facebook - Grey Circle

Through her 20+ years of study and use of essential oils and other alternative natural modalities, Ro teaches what she has learned about the body's amazing ability to flourish when its systems are clean, supported, and nourished. Using oils, techniques, and simple common resources, Ro helps people get quickly to their root issues, dismiss trauma, shift mindsets, and take control of their own lives - to really LIVE well.

It's all about Lifestyle.

"There is oil in the house of the wise."

Proverbs 12:2

Element 1         


A Victress is victorious in who they are naturally they are equipped with a keen sense of self.


In this element, we will learn ways to raise our standards and receive mind-blowing self-esteem.

Element 2        


A sense of love for one's self is a natural trait of a Victress. 


Learn lessons on love for ourself, money, and everything in between. Enjoy a new experience of how to create a life filled with it both inside and out!

Element 3        


Learn ways to process your thoughts so that they work for you and not against you. 


Enjoy lessons in meditation, mindset, and a few unique challenges.

Element 4        


When we wish to receive we must act.


These lessons will help us dive deeper into our physical body and allow us the opportunity to begin a self-care practice that is worthy of a Victress.

What You Receive

Email Access

As a member of our community, we understand that at times some questions are private, so you will have a PRIVATE Members Only email address. We will respond within 24-48 hours Monday – Friday.


You will have unlimited access to trainings taught by Brittney and Expert Victresses of the Effervescence Community Elite team. Specializing in all aspects of living a life filled with opulence, self-love, and peaceful living.


You will have access to a PRIVATE Effervescence Community Elite Facebook Group. In this community you will be allowed to ask questions as often as you would like, post your lifestyle success stories and grow within a community of like-minded Victresses.

Private Coaching

Each month we will host a LIVE high-level coaching inside of our private community that will allow you to ask questions and connect with members of our Effervescence Community Elite team.

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"If you want to be in a good mood, take one of Brittney's classes. Her joy is contagious! I am SO excited for the new yoga spa!"


  • How long will Effervescence Community Elite be available?
    Effervescence Community Elite will always be open and available for use as long as you are an active member.
  • Will price increase once I enroll?
    The price for your membership will never increase, as long as your membership payment is current.
  • Are courses LIVE or pre-recorded?
    Courses inside of Effervescence Community Elite are pre-recorded, but will host 1 live training per month with one of our Victresses, inside of the Facebook Group or via Zoom.
  • I'm not on Facebook, may I join?"
    Yes, you will have access to our member portal which will offer past courses from our private group.
  • May I go at my own pace?
    Yes, you can go through all the courses at your own pace and will have unlimited access as long as you are an active member.
  • Do I need to fill out a contract?
    No, membership is open and available for as long as you desire. You may cancel at anytime within a 30 day notice.
  • I am an Effervescence YogaSpa Member, do I receive access?"
    Access is granted to our Effervescence Elite Members who receive instant access and Unlimited Yoga at our physical YogaSpa for 92/month!



Monthly Membership Includes:

Access to Past Courses: Carve & Create Your Magnificent Life: $2,000 Value

Unlimited Access to our Member’s Only Community Forum. Priceless

LIVE Monthly Lifestyle Training Class via FB w/ Guest Victresses: $500 Value

Special Random Acts of Kindness Gifts. 

Total Value of more than $2,500!



Yearly Membership Includes:

Access to Past Courses: Carve & Create Your Magnificent Life: $2,000 Value

Unlimited Access to our Member’s Only Community Forum. Priceless

LIVE Monthly Lifestyle Training Class via FB w/ Guest Victresses: $500 Value

Special Random Acts of Kindness Gifts.

Total Value of more than $7,500!

Price & Details

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