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Women's Empowerment Summit



"Empowering women to live a joyous and abundant life!"

Having a life of blissful joy and financial freedom, doesn't have to be difficult!


Our panel of speakers will empower you to flourish in your zest for living a life you love!

The choice is yours


Experience an event that will help you heal, empower, and rebuild.


Begin today by reserving your seat at Beaufort's FIRST Women's Empowerment Summit.



Join the waitlist to be the first to know when our next event launches.

Brittney Hiller

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 Passionate about joyful living, Brittney has been on a life journey to empower others through possibility, yoga, and laughter therapy.  She is the Founder of Effervescence YogaSpa and Author of the Children's Book The Little Laughing Yogini.



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A native of beautiful Beaufort, Ryanne is the Co-Owner of Omni Health and Fitness.

She is known for her effortless work in assisting women feel amazing from the inside out through movement, nourishment, and self-love.



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Founder of Before The Shelter a nonprofit focusing on education and prevention of domestic abuse. Encouraging victims to build a new life instead of an escape plan.  Through her work as a Financial Representative, Jenn empowers women to create and maintain financial independence. 



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Born and raised in Beaufort, Allison has overcome many obstacles while being a young woman entrepreneur in a small town. Active in her community and a full time student, she is also the proud co-owner of Inkdropz Custom Tees.

Our Sponsors



We each have a story, whether we grew up poor, were abused by someone we loved, experienced hardship while attempting to create something powerful, or simply haven't been taken seriously in our lives; we each have a story. 

The healing comes from sharing them.

Become empowered by the stories shared and learn how to use your story to help others heal.



Learn from a panel of entreprenuers how they overcame hardship to create the life they desire and have become obsessed with living a life they choose.



Creating a mindset of power, strength, self-love and enjoyment are some of the super powers our speakers enjoy doing on a daily basis.  


During the Summit they will share with you their secrets on how you can create the same for your amazing life.



Last, but not least, our panel will hit the stage together to offer YOU the chance to shine.

We invite you to become part of the show by asking anything you desire to know about how to heal, empower, or rebuild a life you love.

Price & Details


Purchase your ticket before the price increase June 1st.

Price will increase to $99 on June 1st

Access to leaders in the health, financial, business, and wellbeing industry $2,000 Value

Light Lunch included $50 Value

Opportunity to receive prizes worth up to $1500

Childcare for attendees only worth $150

Chance to meet other amazing women and create lasting friendships: Priceless

Total Value of more than $3,500!

What You Receive

Access to leaders in the health, financial, business, and wellbeing industry.

Light Lunch included.

Opportunity to receive prizes worth up to $1500 from our select sponsors.

Childcare for attendees only!

Chance to meet other amazing women and create lasting friendships!

Local women owned business vendor garden, open to attendees, only.

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